The Benefits of Moss Walls

Moss walls have surged in popularity as a design feature due to their simplicity and the multitude of benefits they offer. The most compelling feature of moss walls is that they are low maintenance in nature. Once installed, moss walls require minimal upkeep, especially in environments with controlled humidity. In addition, these installations significantly improve the acoustics of your space, and contribute a functional benefit alongside their inherent natural beauty.

Customized Designs for Your Space

At MacBeth Farm Interiorscapes, we are committed to delivering fully customized moss wall designs that perfectly suit your vision. Whether you desire a particular color, texture, or shape, our wood backing offers versatile options. It can be cut into an array of shapes and designs, inviting creativity into the design process. The possibilities are endless. There are minimal size restrictions and we have both framed and unframed options available.

Meet Our Team

Our team of foliage experts will walk you through the process, from initial consultation to final arrangement. Leveraging our artistic expertise and extensive horticultural knowledge, we will work with you to select the perfect placement of florals and specific types of plants to best match your event’s unique needs and location.

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Specializing in transforming ordinary indoor spaces into stunning green environments, MacBeth Farm Interiorscapes works closely with you to create the ideal arrangement of plants for your interior space. Whether you’re in New Jersey or the Philadelphia area, we strive to bring a fresh ambiance to your business through our indoor landscaping designs. If you’re interested in moss wall installations or any type of indoor plant design, don’t hesitate to contact MacBeth Farm Interiorscapes today at (201)387-7997 or email us at

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