What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Some of you may be wondering where MacBeth Farm Interiorscapes came from.  When Foliage Design Systems closed its franchise business on May 30, 2023, we needed to rebrand.  After many sleepless nights and many discussions with my family, we kept coming back to our roots.  For over 75 years, my family… Read more »

Ways To Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

“How not to kill indoor plants” is something many people would like to know the answer to, because all too often a beautiful plant is bought or acquired but ends up dying. Whether the plant is at home or work, there are two major reasons it ceases to live; either the owner gives it too… Read more »

Four Little Known Benefits of Indoor Plants in the Home or Workplace

For many homes and businesses, the benefits of indoor plants are quite clear. Nothing beautifies a room more than nature’s finest. But if people knew of the other benefits of including indoor plants as part of their interior decorating, there’d probably be a widespread invasion of every nursery or gardening center in town. Here are… Read more »

Bring Summer’s Beauty Inside With Foliage Plants

This summer, shouldn’t you be focused on your health? Shouldn’t you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated? Isn’t that what summer is all about – to compensate for all of those dreary, snowy winter days? At Foliage Design Systems in New Jersey, we believe that should be your modus operandi for the rest of July… Read more »

Spruce up the Office for Summer

High temperatures and sunny weather make workdays seem longer throughout the summer months. Brighten up your office space for the season with these easy to care for plants. Hibiscus The hibiscus plant is a beautiful tropical addition that will brighten up any office space. With blooms that grow up to eight inches in diameter, the… Read more »

How Having Outdoor Plants Can Make Your Business More Inviting

A business needs customers and clients to thrive. Therefore, business owners should put their best foot forward, striving for excellence at all times. From clear signage to clean bathrooms, a business has an image to project and maintain. One particular way to enhance a business is by using outdoor plants to create an inviting atmosphere…. Read more »

Get Your Office Onboard With the “Living Art” Movement

The office environment has a tendency of getting stale. As exciting as your company’s work may be, it probably still takes place within the same walls, day after day, week after week, and year after year. Sure, you do everything you can to keep things fresh. You might rearrange the cubicles or offices, put some… Read more »

How the Interior Design of Your Business can Affect Perception

You can tell a lot about a place based on the way it’s decorated. Just one look and you’ll know if someone there cares about the place’s appearance– or not. Have you ever walked into an office that made you feel like you were in a grand hotel? The carpet was clean and new, the… Read more »

Use Artificial Plants to Spruce Up Your Next Big Event

Ask any married person about how they found the venue for their big day. While the final product was surely a dazzling display well suited for one of the most important days of their life, the process of finding and properly decorating the perfect space was probably far from easy. This is why wedding planners… Read more »

The Easiest Plants to Have Indoors [Infographic]

Unfortunately, we aren’t all born with green thumbs. However, that doesn’t mean your home or office should be void of any plants, flowers or greenery. In fact, we think that means it’ll be just more fun of an adventure for you to grown and maintain your own indoor garden! Starting small (or easy to care… Read more »