Bring Summer’s Beauty Inside With Foliage Plants

This summer, shouldn’t you be focused on your health? Shouldn’t you want to feel refreshed and rejuvenated? Isn’t that what summer is all about – to compensate for all of those dreary, snowy winter days?

At Foliage Design Systems in New Jersey, we believe that should be your modus operandi for the rest of July and the entirety of August. What helps with this quest is trees and greenery. Unfortunately, however, most of us don’t work outdoors, so a large part of our days are spent indoors, away from all that rejuvenation.

We’re in summer; it’s imperative that we are surrounded by greenery at all times of the day, whether we’re indoors or outdoors. It’s tough to get all we can out of summer, but when it comes down to it, we need to be a vacuum cleaner sucking in all the energy of the most rejuvenating time of the year.  Or, as Dave Nowak of the U.S. Forest Service, puts it, “We found that, in general, the greater the tree cover, the greater the pollution removal, and the greater the removal and population density, the greater the value of human health benefits.”

Okay, okay – so that applies to the outdoors, but pollution exists BOTH indoors and outdoors. There is the same amount of pollution at your office as there is outside; it’s just a different kind of pollution. It’s the pollution of mediocrity, the exhaust fumes of the daily grind that exhausts us

Yet. by adding indoor greenery to your office, you are taking a slice of summer soul and adding it to the daily grind. Isn’t appreciating the beautiful scenery around us what summer’s all about?  Don’t limit yourself or your business to just the outdoors; instead, consider adding interior plants today.