Spruce up the Office for Summer

High temperatures and sunny weather make workdays seem longer throughout the summer months. Brighten up your office space for the season with these easy to care for plants.


The hibiscus plant is a beautiful tropical addition that will brighten up any office space. With blooms that grow up to eight inches in diameter, the hibiscus will inspire a tropical, summery feeling. Place in an area high in sunlight for this plant to thrive.


Peace Lily

This easy-to-care for plant can grow in low lighting and will survive in almost any environment. Spoon-shaped white flowers adorn the plant, and the glossy green leaves look great even when it is not in bloom. Place a peace lily in the low lighted areas that most other office plants won’t survive.


Many varieties are available and this green plant thrives in almost any lighting. Soil should be allowed to dry between watering, making it a perfect office plant. Trailing stems can grow very long; just cut them back occasionally to allow pothos to flourish.

Spider PlantSpider Plant

A very popular indoor plant, the spider plant is an interesting looking addition to an office space. There are many varieties, and the plant does well in medium to bright lighting. Room temperature conditions are perfect for the spider plant to thrive. It also works well in a hanging basket.



Unsure of what plants will look best in your office space? Leave it up to the experts. At Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey we offer design consultations and plant installations.