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Spruce up the Office for Summer

High temperatures and sunny weather make workdays seem longer throughout the summer months. Brighten up your office space for the season with these easy to care for plants. Hibiscus The hibiscus plant is a beautiful tropical addition that will brighten up any office space. With blooms that grow up to eight inches in diameter, the… Read more »

Get Your Office Onboard With the “Living Art” Movement

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The office environment has a tendency of getting stale. As exciting as your company’s work may be, it probably still takes place within the same walls, day after day, week after week, and year after year. Sure, you do everything you can to keep things fresh. You might rearrange the cubicles or offices, put some… Read more »

How the Interior Design of Your Business can Affect Perception

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You can tell a lot about a place based on the way it’s decorated. Just one look and you’ll know if someone there cares about the place’s appearance– or not. Have you ever walked into an office that made you feel like you were in a grand hotel? The carpet was clean and new, the… Read more »

Spruce Up Your Office Decor For the Holiday Season

Nothing symbolizes the changing of seasons better than plants. Right now, Spring seems so far away, but the beauty of blooming, colorful flowers is part of the reason we’re so willing to wait. Plant life thrives through the summer, soaking up the warmth of the bright sun. Fall brings the changing of colors, falling leaves,… Read more »

Reasons to Choose a Professional Plantscaper

The benefits of incorporating plants into your home or office are seemingly endless; however, if the plants don’t receive proper maintenance, your building is not going to reap much reward. Plants require water, nourishment and a proper amount of sunlight but the process can be a hefty amount of work for one person with many… Read more »

Using Plants and Containers as Office Art

Now that you’re aware that your dull looking office could also be harmfully detrimental to the air that you and your employees breathe, you’re probably even more eager for a “green” makeover. Now is the time to embrace a new approach to office decoration—a living, breathing redesign of your everyday surroundings. Think of plants and… Read more »