Using Plants and Containers as Office Art

Using Plants as ArtNow that you’re aware that your dull looking office could also be harmfully detrimental to the air that you and your employees breathe, you’re probably even more eager for a “green” makeover. Now is the time to embrace a new approach to office decoration—a living, breathing redesign of your everyday surroundings. Think of plants and their alternatives as the truly artistic elements that they are.

Consider how plants and the unique containers we use at Foliage Designs can bring an artistic flair to an otherwise rather dull-looking interior. Plants, with their rich, green leaves, are visual symbols of life and growth. Each one has a unique shape, size, and variety of textures, which, when put up against a rather plain white or tan wall, can make an office’s interior space feel much more inviting. Furthermore, plants that flower bring bursts of accentuated color to a room, brightening up the room and the occasional stressful day.

Plants can be arranged into aesthetically pleasing groups, utilizing differently shaped pots to make a visually impactful scene that will inspire guests and regulars alike to stop and marvel in their grace. Some offices might be nice for our architectural clay pots, while others might work well with the addition of our fiberglass or metal containers. Some pots could be colored, or even painted, in artistic ways to further liven up the office experience, while strategic lighting, natural or artificial, can be used to bring out the most of each design.

When considering art to add to the office, those in charge often think first of the typical landscape paintings and photographs, completely neglecting the wonderful work of Mother Nature herself. Besides hanging traditional artwork on the walls, think of adding plants to the look of the place, too—plants are living art. Additionally, many of our pots are made of recycled plastic and metal materials, or even renewal resources like bamboo.

Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey provides professional “interiorscape” services, giving offices a lively, beautiful look through the artistic use of live plants and related products. Just like traditional art, plants make an office more welcoming, naturally calming nerves and creating a pleasant mood. Allow us to make your dull environment our canvass, to transform it into the type of space you’ve never thought possible.