Ways To Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

“How not to kill indoor plants” is something many people would like to know the answer to, because all too often a beautiful plant is bought or acquired but ends up dying.

Whether the plant is at home or work, there are two major reasons it ceases to live; either the owner gives it too much water or the owner doesn’t give it enough water.

Now here’s where it gets complicated: the amount of water a plant needs depends on a lot of things. There’s the plant size, the size of its pot, the soil composition, the temperature of the air around it, humidity factors, airflow, the amount of sunshine it gets, etc. Yikes– that’s a lot of variables.

So what to do? Put a saucer under the plant, which catches and shows excess water. Water the plant from the top of the plant until you see water in the saucer. Notice the saucer daily; if it’s dry, it’s time to water the plant again. If water is still there, don’t. The saucer needs to be the best size for the pot– if it’s too large, it’ll take more than a week to dry out and so you should replace it with a smaller one to avoid root rot. Furthermore, you can add dark gravel to the saucer, which helps disguise the water if you’re worried about aesthetics.

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