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Ways To Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive

“How not to kill indoor plants” is something many people would like to know the answer to, because all too often a beautiful plant is bought or acquired but ends up dying. Whether the plant is at home or work, there are two major reasons it ceases to live; either the owner gives it too… Read more »

Get Your Office Onboard With the “Living Art” Movement

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The office environment has a tendency of getting stale. As exciting as your company’s work may be, it probably still takes place within the same walls, day after day, week after week, and year after year. Sure, you do everything you can to keep things fresh. You might rearrange the cubicles or offices, put some… Read more »

Reasons to Choose a Professional Plantscaper

The benefits of incorporating plants into your home or office are seemingly endless; however, if the plants don’t receive proper maintenance, your building is not going to reap much reward. Plants require water, nourishment and a proper amount of sunlight but the process can be a hefty amount of work for one person with many… Read more »