Get Your Office Onboard With the “Living Art” Movement

The office environment has a tendency of getting stale. As exciting as your company’s work may be, it probably still takes place within the same walls, day after day, week after week, and year after year.

Sure, you do everything you can to keep things fresh. You might rearrange the cubicles or offices, put some motivational photographs on the wall, or even call in outsiders to perform an expensive redesign every now and then. Still, short-term fixes tend to have short-term results.

Naturally, business owners and managers are constantly looking for exciting ways to improve the office environment in a way that makes employees lives better while increasing their productivity. One of the latest trends, experienced firsthand here at Foliage Design Systems, is the idea of “living art”, where plants are seamlessly worked into an office environment to provide aesthetic and aural enhancements that could only come from nature.

Of course, the “living art” we’re talking about has been present for some 700 million years, or whenever the first plant sprouted on Earth. Our distant ancestors surely harnessed the beautiful nature of plants, from flowers placed in hand spun pots to grapevines traveling slowly up a tall stone building. But in today’s world, where we can spend virtually all of our time indoors, the appeal of “indoor art” is stronger than ever.

At Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey, we provide artistry through the cultivation of beautiful plants and the carefully crafted decorative containers that they sit inside. But perhaps the greatest example of “living art” we offer are Living Walls, plant displays that travel vertically up and down a wall rather than just sitting on the office floor. They spring forth from the wall much like a painting or photograph. The only difference is that they change over time, growing and blooming as the long workdays wear on.

Sure, creating “living art” is not such an easy undertaking, but it’s one that’s positively worth investing in. You’ll need an artist who not only knows plants inside and out, but one who also has a keen enough eye to know what works and what doesn’t. If you’re interested in seeing what “living art” can do for your office environment, call Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey today.