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Get Your Office Onboard With the “Living Art” Movement

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The office environment has a tendency of getting stale. As exciting as your company’s work may be, it probably still takes place within the same walls, day after day, week after week, and year after year. Sure, you do everything you can to keep things fresh. You might rearrange the cubicles or offices, put some… Read more »

How the Interior Design of Your Business can Affect Perception

Macbeth Farms Interiorscapes

You can tell a lot about a place based on the way it’s decorated. Just one look and you’ll know if someone there cares about the place’s appearance– or not. Have you ever walked into an office that made you feel like you were in a grand hotel? The carpet was clean and new, the… Read more »

Man Creates Oxygen Producing Artificial Plant

Normally, plants are thought of as part of the ancient world. The purpose of a walk through nature is often thought of as a way to reconnect with the comfort of where we came from, a simpler place free from the high-tech world we’ve become all too accustomed to. But what if plants were actually… Read more »

Harvesting Green Energy: The New Paradigm

Science has shown that the world is indeed in an energy crisis. Solar, wind and hydro-electricity are some of the ways true environmentalists are trying to make sure we don’t lose all our resources on a global scale. Now it has been shown that plant energy can generate electricity and green roofs are cropping up… Read more »

The Immeasurable Value of Indoor Plants

Whether we realize it or not, human beings crave a connection to the outdoors. Indoor plants play a large part in helping us to stay sane, trapped indoors at a school or office for our entire lives. Interior landscaping brings nature back to us when we are unable to bring ourselves back to nature, and… Read more »