The Immeasurable Value of Indoor Plants

Value of Indoor PlantsWhether we realize it or not, human beings crave a connection to the outdoors. Indoor plants play a large part in helping us to stay sane, trapped indoors at a school or office for our entire lives. Interior landscaping brings nature back to us when we are unable to bring ourselves back to nature, and human beings see very real benefits to their happiness, health, and stress levels.

Here at Foliage Design Systems, it’s obvious to us that plants, in providing such satisfaction, add value to their surroundings. Faced with a choice between a plant filled room and a lifeless, empty one, people will naturally make the easy choice of being surrounded by plants, even if it costs a bit more. What many residential and commercial building owners don’t realize is that this desire can add significant economic value to their property.

Sure, interior landscaping isn’t free, and indoor plants—especially live ones—will need to be maintained for the duration of their lives. However, simply having beautiful plants around will increase the rent that tenants are willing to pay. A livelier atmosphere, including pleasant lobbies and walkways, will translate to economic benefits that set your building apart from other less inspired ones.

When you hire a professional interior landscaping service, you can retain more tenants and raise the value of your building without lifting a finger. A great plant design will work within your budget to achieve your goals. It will add an organized sense of vibrancy and color is very difficult to achieve in other ways.

Simply put, the value of plants outweighs their cost. As living organisms, they are nature’s art, and a miracle before our very eyes. Harnessing the power of plants can make spaces more desirable, and more valuable, for those who crave a healthy dose of nature’s glory in their everyday lives.