Harvesting Green Energy: The New Paradigm

Plant energy Science has shown that the world is indeed in an energy crisis. Solar, wind and hydro-electricity are some of the ways true environmentalists are trying to make sure we don’t lose all our resources on a global scale. Now it has been shown that plant energy can generate electricity and green roofs are cropping up all over the world. This energy is both renewable and sustainable, and best of all, affordable.

With this technology, rice paddy fields could become an energy source. It doesn’t harm the plant life, and could bring electricity to parts of the world that are still living in the dark. And the technology is simple. With renewable and sustainable solar energy plants are grown, and through the process of photosynthesis, organic matter is created. Plants use some of this organic matter to grow, but a good portion of it is excreted into the soil through the plant’s root system. Micro-organisms around the roots break down this organic matter and electrons are released as a waste product. These electrons can be used to create electricity without compromising the plant’s growth or health.

The benefits of this amazing technology are many. Saving the earth’s resources is the best part of this. But this green technology can improve air quality, produce water, and help both heat and cool the buildings that employ it. That makes it extremely cost-effective, and highly affordable. You could quite literally, charge your electric car using your lawn’s energy without harming your lawn.

Common sense tell us that this kind of technology could help save our precious planet, and it also gives us an imperative to use it. Just think of it. A renewable and sustainable global energy source. As stewards of the Earth we are bound to protect her, and that responsibility could be considerably eased by using this wonderful new green technology.

Source used: https://plant-e.com/