How the Interior Design of Your Business can Affect Perception

You can tell a lot about a place based on the way it’s decorated. Just one look and you’ll know if someone there cares about the place’s appearance– or not.

Have you ever walked into an office that made you feel like you were in a grand hotel? The carpet was clean and new, the walls were painted with up-to-date color schemes, and the room had perfectly placed artwork and plants to make it feel warm and inviting? That’s the kind of setting you want to create for people be it at your home, office or other living space.

Focusing on businesses in New Jersey, consider this: some have been around a long time and others are new. Some have lots of money to spend and some don’t. But what it all comes down to is this: does the business look like you’d hope it would when you walk in the door? Does the look and feel make sense to you, fitting the business in a way that makes you glad to be there?

Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey is in the business of making business spaces look their best. From lush green spaces designed, installed, and maintained by a talented team of interior landscape decorators, to tasteful vases, containers, and arrangements, Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey has the power to transform any commercial,  residential or retail space into a vibrant oasis– a place people want to be!

Have you heard of “Living Walls?” Foliage Design Systems offers them. They’re beautiful foliage walls of live plants, done in many different sizes, adding “living art” to any location or office.

People like having plants around because they remind them of nature and life and beauty. Have Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey enhance your business with plants and more. Call 201-387-7997 to discuss possibilities.