What to Do With All Those Holiday Plants?

The holidays are long gone. Still, there are probably plenty of casual reminders of the happy season strewn around the house. Barely unwrapped gifts, leftover cookies getting stale in the fridge and decorations waiting to be stowed away are all quietly nagging for your attention. Holiday flowers are among the worst culprits—drying out and withering,… Read more »

Spruce Up Your Office Decor For the Holiday Season

Nothing symbolizes the changing of seasons better than plants. Right now, Spring seems so far away, but the beauty of blooming, colorful flowers is part of the reason we’re so willing to wait. Plant life thrives through the summer, soaking up the warmth of the bright sun. Fall brings the changing of colors, falling leaves,… Read more »

Tips for Maintaining Indoor Plants

One of the best ways for business owners or office managers to enhance the health of their facility and improve employee production is by outfitting their workspace with indoor plants. That said, while indoor plants don’t require as much attention as outdoor vegetation, they do need a bit of maintenance. Here are a few tips… Read more »

Turn Annoying Fallen Leaves Into Compost for Indoor Plants

The fall season is officially here, bringing with it the anticipated, beautiful display of reds, oranges, and yellows in our trees. But wouldn’t it be nice if those leaves could just stay put? Instead, they blanket our lawn, giving homeowners yet another chore that eats into weekend time for apple picking and football watching. Most… Read more »

Scientists Growing Plants in the Dark May Be Key to our Future

The other day a popular fast food chain showed online that they were selling an “all black” burger in Japan, including the buns, the cheese and the meat. A little unusual, don’t you think? Well, we’re living in a time when it may even be possible to grow plants in the…wait for it…dark. Yep! Leave… Read more »

How to Protect Your Plants From Frost

With fall and winter weather comes frigid temperatures, and as such, you’ll want to protect certain outdoor plants from frost. Keep tabs on the weather. When you hear that the temperature is going to drop below 34°F (1.1°C) that’s your cue to be on the lookout for frost and frost damage. Ideally, before the snow… Read more »

Man Creates Oxygen Producing Artificial Plant

Normally, plants are thought of as part of the ancient world. The purpose of a walk through nature is often thought of as a way to reconnect with the comfort of where we came from, a simpler place free from the high-tech world we’ve become all too accustomed to. But what if plants were actually… Read more »

Do Indoor Plants Cause Allergies?

Some people have no allergies. They’re so lucky. Others seem to be allergic to all sorts of things, from cat hair to mold. Allergy symptoms include itchy/watery eyes, stuffy/runny noses, and rashes/hives. In other words: no fun. Do indoor plants cause allergies? Well, here’s the deal: plant mold can aggravate a person’s allergies. Mold is… Read more »

Reasons to Choose a Professional Plantscaper

The benefits of incorporating plants into your home or office are seemingly endless; however, if the plants don’t receive proper maintenance, your building is not going to reap much reward. Plants require water, nourishment and a proper amount of sunlight but the process can be a hefty amount of work for one person with many… Read more »

How to Enhance Your Outdoor Summer Event

With nice weather come outdoor events! Kids are out of school and the sunshine cuts through the clouds, which makes it a perfect time of year for outdoor birthday celebrations, graduation parties, picnics, wedding receptions, and other social engagements. Adding that extra wow factor is a lot easier than you may have thought, with a… Read more »