What to Do With All Those Holiday Plants?

The holidays are long gone. Still, there are probably plenty of casual reminders of the happy season strewn around the house. Barely unwrapped gifts, leftover cookies getting stale in the fridge and decorations waiting to be stowed away are all quietly nagging for your attention. Holiday flowers are among the worst culprits—drying out and withering, becoming a depressing symbol of those bygone happy days.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Many people manage to save some or all of their precious holiday plants by transplanting them, either into pots or outdoor garden. Living in New Jersey, we can’t expect holiday flowers to do very well outdoors in the next few months. But repotting plants can certainly keep them healthy until spring. After all, why not enjoy your favorite seasonal flowers year round?

There’s a good chance that your potted holiday plants will be root bound, meaning their growth has been restricted by growing and blooming in restricted space at a less than ideal time of year. To prepare them for transplant, you may want to carefully cut into the root ball and spread the roots by hand.

When it comes to which type of soil to use, it all depends on the plant. If it seems like the current soil is having trouble retaining water, you’ll definitely want to replace it. Do a bit of research into which type of potting soil is best for your plant. It may depend on a variety of factors, from how much light the plant likes to its hardiness.

Of course, you could always save yourself the annual headache and have the experts here at Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey provide some dazzling artificial indoor plants. Whether at your home or office, you won’t need to sacrifice aesthetic appeal. When the time comes to clear the rooms of holiday decorations, you can simply move the plants to storage until next year.

Whether you prefer real or artificial plants, Foliage Design Systems of New Jersey can help turn your home or office environment into a natural wonder any time of year.