The Easiest Plants to Have Indoors [Infographic]

Unfortunately, we aren’t all born with green thumbs. However, that doesn’t mean your home or office should be void of any plants, flowers or greenery. In fact, we think that means it’ll be just more fun of an adventure for you to grown and maintain your own indoor garden!

Starting small (or easy to care for in this case), some of the easiest plants to care for indoors include pothos, spider plants, English ivy, rubber trees, dumb canes, fiddleleaf figs, heart-leaf philodendrons, snake plants, jade plants, cast-iron plants, peace lilies and ponytail palms.

Courtesy of, below is an infographic that outlines how big the plants can grow to be, how much sunlight they need, how much water they need and some tips for caring for each plant variety.


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