Renting Plants for Your New Jersey Event

Plant Rentals for EventsAs anyone with plants will attest, caring for them and watching them grow takes a little bit of commitment and responsibility. You might have experienced wonderful moments in life that would have been even more memorable with the presence of beautiful plants, which improve people’s moods and create a more calming and interesting environment. Unfortunately, not everyone has the foresight to cultivate and grow those plants for weeks, months, and years.

That’s exactly why plant rentals are such a great idea. You can surround the most significant moments in your life with visually stunning plants that have been cared for with expert hands.

If you’re planning a wedding, for instance, you might encounter bare, lifeless rooms, or lackluster plants that don’t properly convey the joyful mood of the occasion. By renting an array of plants, you can match live plants with your wedding’s colors and theme, adding a whole new dimension to the decorations on your special day. It’s a green alternative to cheap-looking, plastic decorations that will just be thrown out after the wedding anyway.

Having a tree planted in Israel has long been a popular gift for Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, to improve the living condition of their Jewish brethren back home. This makes plant rentals a great, symbolic decorating option for the event itself. Plants are sign of maturity and growth, two hallmarks of “rite-of-passage” ceremonies like Bar Mitzvahs, as well as Confirmations and First Communions.

Of course, the ultimate rite of passage—the graduation ceremony—is another great opportunity to rent plants for the big party. Graduations are usually refreshing, warm-weather events that symbolize new beginnings. No decoration can symbolizes a fresh start and the journey of life more than a beautiful, blooming, live plant. Plant rentals come with the bonus of expert knowledge opinion used to convey these hopeful and exciting sentiments in the strongest way.

While events like these are temporary and fleeting, plants are not. Sometimes, a moment in life is important enough to demand a significant “stepping up” of your interior landscaping. When these moments arise, Foliage Designs of New Jersey is here to provide expert service to make your event as memorable as can possibly be.